How to STOP Losing Projects in the ship repairs and shipbuilding sector

The maritime and shipping industry carries 90% of world trade, making it a real-time barometer of the economy’s evolution.

And if your business is in this sector or ship repairs and shipbuilding, you can raise the victory cup over your head just for having the courage to operate in this industry as rough as the waves of the ocean.

But this article is not to butter you up.

This article highlights one of the problems every entrepreneur or manager faces, but almost no one admits to having – Loss of projects.

The impact of losing projects on your business

Losing projects can have severe consequences:

  • Financial losses that put pressure on your business.
  • Reputation damage in such a competitive market.
  • Loss of customer trust leads to loss of confidence, making it more difficult to secure future projects.

Here are some reasons for losing projects

1. Poor project management: Inefficient planning, lack of oversight, and inadequate resource allocation can derail projects.

Efficient project management is crucial in any field, but especially in the recruitment for ship repairs and shipbuilding, where deadlines are strict, and the requirements are complex.

For instance, a lack of a clear and detailed plan can lead to significant delays, improper resource allocation, and even total project failure. Additionally, a lack of constant monitoring can lead to the late identification of problems, making their resolution even more complicated.

2. Failure to meet customer expectations: Failure to deliver on promises or not understanding customer needs can result in losing the project.

It gets here because too big promises are made and you don’t have the right team to deliver on those promises. In the field of recruitment for ship repairs and shipbuilding, it is vital to fully understand the client’s requirements and expectations.

When what is promised is not delivered, some dissatisfied customers give negative feedback and this affects the public image of the company, but the worst thing is that it negatively influences potential customers.

3. Unqualified, poorly trained, or incomplete team. They tarnish your image and destroy the trust of your collaborators.

The quality of the team provided is directly proportional to the success of a project in ship repairs and shipbuilding. An unqualified or poorly trained team can cause delays, and costly errors, and significantly impact the quality of the work. Additionally, an incomplete team can lead to the overburdening of existing members and coordination problems.

Now that we’ve gotten down to brass tacks, you know well that it’s essential to have a competent, well-trained team that you can rely on and with whom you can celebrate successes. But to train them in a tougher field such as the ship repairs and shipbuilding sector, you need time, solid financial resources, and patience. However, you cannot know how long these people will stay with you even if you offer them training and financial benefits.

It’s annoying not having people you can rely on because you don’t trust that you can do more and you’re afraid to take on bigger projects.

You can find qualified and highly trained people on social media for recruiting platforms like LinkedIn, Instagram, and X (formerly Twitter). They are very useful for reaching potential candidates, including those who are not actively looking for a job but are open to opportunities.

On the other hand, your job is to innovate, develop new ideas, and take the business where your vision is.

You have to do this…

To reduce as much as possible the impact of losing projects on your business, the most convenient solution is to turn to agencies for the recruitment of qualified personnel. It’s like going to the library and choosing the book you need and as soon as you open it you find the information you need.

Whether you need: welders, electricians, plumbers and pipe fitters, carpenters, riggers, shipwrights, steel fixers and ironworkers, mechanics, painters, and coaters, you can choose the right people for your business needs.

In addition, when you ask for the support of a recruitment agency, you save a lot of time because the entire recruitment process, from posting job ads and selecting candidates, to interviews and checking references, falls under the agency’s tasks.

Through an agency you have access to a wide base of candidates, as I said above, you choose what you need as if you were going to the library. You will be pleasantly surprised to notice that you can quickly get the candidates who best fit the company’s requirements and organizational culture.

You reduce the risk of hiring the wrong people for important roles, thus reducing the costs of bad hires such as high turnover and decreased productivity.

If you have reached where you are today, it means that resilience characterizes you. And losing a project or collaborator won’t demoralize you or ruin you financially. But what do you do when this happens over and over again? Don’t let losing projects become a habit. Because it is a sour one it can bankrupt you.

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The competent, well-trained team that you can rely on is not impossible to form, but it can lead you to successful projects.




Schedule a FREE meeting and we'll discuss how Sirius Crewing can help you optimize your recruitment and retention strategy